Creative Corner column
by Julie Fink

Dare to Dream

As an author or an artist dreams are of utmost importance. All our lives we have been told to live in th real world. However our worlds as creative people are based in a combination of truth, horror and fantasy! We create wonderful things in our minds eye, things that entrance others and trap them in our world when they enter our creative zone! Book, novel, photograph or painting we draw the human animal we call patrons into a place that removes them from their own existence into a new one filled with intrigue and excitement.

Our work is not only cathartic to us as the creators but also to the stressful lives of the world. We create history and entire planets with new realities. Our thoughts come to life on the computer screen. Imagin a world without creative people. What would we be? No modern evolution or mechanical advancements.

When we write fantasy or science fiction we creat possible new realities. Some of the best inventions of the modern world came as ideas brought forth by authors! Never doubt your ability to effect the world around you with your talents!

I invite all my creative folks to challenge yourself to change the path of our future by influencing the next generation and keep writing!

Julie Fink CEO, Dragon Butterfly and Fairy Wings, inc.

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