You Cannot Focus on Nothing.
I have been told by writers and artist of all type that they have a block that holds them like a ball and chain shackled to their mind. It keeps them from being creative. I have even let myself fall into that trap in the past but then I realized it was only an excess of excuse.
Think about the tell that we all know well “The Never Ending Story” where we believed in the nothingness. In that story the nothingness became where stories went and died. They not only died
there, but disappeared from existence. The story continued because the nothingness became something, and to stop that something, you had to believe in the other stories. The making of other stories was disastrous to the nothingness existing.
Now why have I said all this?
In our creative minds we sometimes believe that there is nothing left inside us to be creative.
This is far from the truth. I challenge anyone that is being crippled by themselves. Try to sit quite with a pad and pen only to focus on nothing. Now write down everything that comes to your mind while you concentrate on nothing. The clock ticking in the background the dogs outside barking whatever it is write it down. No matter where you are there is always something that demands your brains attention. Look around you what do you see? Write it down. None of this may be part of the story you are working on but it is part of your story. It is the small details of your story. The things that we go past each day without notice. Could it be the same with your characters, the artwork you are working on?
We all go through this you are not alone in this feeling, but I believe that this one exercise could exorcise the nothingness away from you.
Now go for a walk in your favorite setting whether a real walk or one in your mind. What can you observe what is created for your eyes only? All of our stories are different we see them through our eyes, and only we can tell our stories the way we see it. Keep your creative soul flowing with life, and never be afraid to share it with others. Fore each one of us can inspire the creative juice in others.

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