There has always been something in me that wanted to write. From poetry to short stories and technical manuals I have tackled them, but never felt confident in the finished item. They always were an assignment to me rather than what I wanted to do.
Then in my early fifties I had a stroke and my why for writing changed. Instead of the need to
pass a class, or get a job done I needed to do this for me. My brain had been partially erased and I
needed to try to heal it in some way. Writing became my new rehab, and it was personal now. It no longer mattered to me how terrible a writer I was. My why was finally big enough and I wrote a book then a second. Now I’m working on my third book and have been published in newspapers, magazines, blogs, and featured on television. Don’t get me wrong the first novel was probably one of the hardest things that I have done in my almost sixty years. Now I get to have a blessing of doing what I always wanted on my terms. I will tell you if not for editors, taking classes, workshops, conventions, and the writing community in general I would never have the courage to continue this journey. I thank each and every person that has helped and encouraged me to venture further than I would have believed possible.

What I guess this is telling you. Find your true passionate why, and then start your own story in this
amazing world.

2 thoughts on “Is Your Why Big Enough”

  1. Thank you Daniel for such encouraging words and inspiration. The arts including both reading and writing are quite therapeutic in many ways. Never give up on what you love.

  2. My thoughts are only my own. Even though I meet many that think their art Is not good enough or special all I can tell them is to keep going, it’s special to someone, you.

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