Recently I was out walking, taking a reprieve from my normal activities while trying to find a spark of inspiration for my creative pursuits. While being involved in various artful endeavors may seem like a life that is all fine and dandy, the reality of it, is that in fact it’s quite tiring, loathsome, and cumbersome. So, out in the wilderness I ventured to find a surge of restoration, so that I may once again replenish those creative vibes. To the wood I set forth, parting the brush as I dared to enter. Past the eyes of the Birch trees that vigilantly stood guard and watched as I treaded through their domain. Through the grove of cedar trees whose arms ever so green swayed in the balmy air, like some Appalachian siren whose actions welcomed and forebode in the same action. On and on I went, and up ahead an old stump appeared to rise up from the ground to greet me. As if it were whispering, “Come and sit.” I of course obliged, and took a seat. As I sat fanning myself with my hat, watching the sun glisten through the green leaves of the canopy above. The smallest little movement caught the corner of my eye. As I glanced down to focus my eyes on what it could be. Why, it was a little old ant. It went on about it’s way not caring that I was near, nor worrying that I was watching. It climb up and down the towering poplar as if it were searching for the perfect spoil to bring back home. Finally it disappeared under the debris of last years autumnal shed. I watched carefully in the event, that it would trodden back. Indeed! Indeed it would! Out from the leaves it charged forward, in its arms the remains of an insect that suffered some ill fate in the previous hours or day. Upwards with it’s heavy load it ran up the bark. A great burden it may be, but a prize for the entire colony to enjoy, it was! I watched it until it disappeared high up.


In that moment I saw the similarities in that ant and our local artists. Most will not notice us, those who do may look upon us as insignificant contributors to society. However, just as the ant is noticed as an important member of our ecosystem by some. There are those champions of the art who notice the artists for their important contributions to society. Art is how we define our culture. To be clear, art isn’t just drawing. It’s the entire spectrum of being creative. From music, to painting, to writing, it covers it all. Without art we cannot truly our mark upon the pages of history. Art is the core of who and what we are. Seeing the ant, and personally relating to the heavy burden of pursing the not so easy path of artistic natures inspired this weeks write up. I implore you, yes you, the person reading this, to go find a local artist. Find someone who partakes in art and buy, or at the very least try to appreciate their work. While not everyone can actually afford to buy things… The cost of admiring a work of art is free. Support the arts in whatever form that you can. Encourage your local artists. For it is by their mark we all shall be remembered.


-Colonel D. R. Acula



The Colonel’s Corner is a collection of thoughts and fascinations from Colonel D. R.
Acula, who dabbles about as an Author, Photographer, Journalist, Artist, Film Maker and
Kentucky Colonel. You can find out more about him at his home site: and
you can catch his other writings in the Breathitt Advocate Newspaper.

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  1. I concur, every artist brings something unique and special to society as a whole. Art is our outlet from the mundane and exists all around us in numerous forms to be enjoyed by all. Wonderful article Colonel!

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