Teamwork and Morale in an Oversaturated Book Market
by Stephen Zimmer

Since the advent of eBooks, the book publishing industry has seen a profound degree of changes take place. Further, a very dynamic environment has become the norm, one in which techniques that worked wonderfully at one point are ineffective just a few months later.

There is no question that the book market is oversaturated with product. Adding to that, the frequency of free eBooks, 99 cent sales, and widespread illegal downloading has had strong additional impact on value perception. The combination of oversupply of product with a reduction in perceived value toward book releases today results in a harder road to travel for authors of all levels; self-published, small/indie press, or even major press.

The marketing and promotion of books in such a climate presents a daunting challenge. Sales channels like regularly tweak their algorithms, and social media networks like Facebook do the same. The constantly shifting sands make for a sustained game of guessing and trial and error.

It is not hard to become discouraged. Trying to figure out where to spend limited advertising dollars becomes quite a project, whether evaluating targeted demographics for a Facebook ad, developing effective newsletters, or exploring more current opportunities like Amazon ads.

Authors without deep resources at their behest have a choice before them. They can be like little islands in a deep sea of titles or they can work together to amplify their effectiveness. Authors within a small/indie press are in a great position to engage in teamwork, alongside their publisher, and groups of self-published authors who have a good relationship with each other and understanding of their goals can attain a similar combined focus.

Working together can bring out various talents and strengths. Division of labor is a centerpiece of human progress, and it is no different when it comes to something like book marketing.

Some people are more detail oriented. Some are more natural at being entertaining in a visual sense. Others have great artistic instincts for graphics and design. Some are Twitter experts, while others know Instagram back and forward, and others navigate Facebook brilliantly. In combination, and coordination, a formidable force can be formed that makes use of social media, video, online communities, live events, and so much more.

The sum truly is greater than the parts, in this kind of instance. Additionally, better morale is fostered when you have others working beside you rather than tackling everything by yourself in an isolated atmosphere.

In a teamwork environment, you create the rising tide that lifts all the ships. That increases the odds of success, and luck, as those who work smarter and more effectively tend to be luckier in the long run.

Win-win approaches are also a healthier, more positive way to live life. There are more than enough negatives in today’s world, and teamwork is a proactive effort that seeks to build up oneself and others, instead of seeing everyone else as competition to overcome and tear down.

It does take insight and quick adaptation to succeed over the long term in the book industry of today, but that path is strengthened and made much smoother when you are walking it alongside others who share your purpose.

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