Yes, I am going to say more stuff about BEING POSITIVE, about the idea that one must KEEP MOVING FORWARD. No matter what you do. Write. Read. Paint. Make music. Breathe. Live life. All that!

Keep moving forward no matter what.

However, on the subject of creativity and writing, man, it can be a Bee-H.

I do not write a lot really. I have a ton of ideas. I have a small load of writing projects I am working on, but, really, I don’t write a lot.

I get up at 530 in the morning and say I AM GOING TO WRITE A LOT. And don’t. Sometimes 100 words or more. Often times, hardly that.

I have times, when I get all wrapped up in marketing and promoting my stuff, where I say, fudge it. I’m tired. It’s too much work. I need to just take some time off from that old hectic schedule of book tours and book gigs…but, you know…at my current status…it’s not like I am really doing book events every month. It’s just me making up an excuse.

Or I say, fudge it, I don’t think what I am writing means a hill of beans. What am I doing this for? What’s the point? WHAT IS THE DAMN POINT?!


But then I force myself to get back in the writing saddle, the creativity saddle, and swim back in those waters again. I could keep saying those destructive words as mentioned a line or two above…WHAT IS THE DAMN POINT…and realize, the point is…

I WANT TO BE CREATING. It is in my blood. It is in my brain. I love the adventure of it all. It’s oddly all therapeutic. I GOTZ TO DO EET!!!

And why do I do it? Why do I have to write, have to tell a story? IT’S FOR ME.

If I was doing this for pure fame and fortune and to quit my day job, hell, I would’ve given up on writing and getting my work out there LONNNG ago. Yeah, I would enjoy making a name for myself in the literary field, but, you know what…I do this stuff for me. Because it MAKES ME HAPPY.

And that’s what you need to do with your creativity, with your writing, or music, or painting, or dancing, or ANYTHING…do it to make you happy, to carve out your own little piece of heaven on earth because, my friends, it makes life that much more enjoyable and bearable and doable. It gives you a reason to live, to get up in the morning and rock onward.

The only struggle with creativity is what we burden ourselves with, what we burden our minds with. Fuck that self-doubt crap and do what you love. Do it for yourself first, make yourself happy first, because, you know what, if you do something you really enjoy, put your heart into it, have a blast doing it, and when it is shared with others, THEY CAN SEE THAT JOY no matter what you have done or written.

Keep moving forward. Keep creating. Keep living. Keep breathing. We need you and want to see the wondrous stuff you bring to this table of LIFE.

Until next time.

~Peter “Crom” Welmerink

*gets up from old creaky chair, hobbles out the door and back up to his mountain top*

One thought on “The Struggle with Creativity and Writing”

  1. What a great blog! And so true, too! Create for yourself! I have always said that my audience was primarily me, because I write to entertain myself. Writing for anyone else is always secondary. And writing is always worth it, no matter how stupid or sublime the writing.

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