Horror is one of the most relatable forms of expression. Taking out the addle brain coeds that some dork is going to have sex with right before that creepy guy that keeps hanging around kills them. The running through the graveyard instead of getting in the car and leaving. Or the fact that coeds cannot run from someone slow walking and get away. Life is full of horror in as much as the first ghost story you heard when you were young. I don’t know of anyone that was not a little scared when they went for their first job interview, or asking for that first date. We have all had something in our life that unnerves us.
Yes most of the world will never write an award winning horror story, but look at what King did with the insecurities of a young girl coming of age in Carrie. When listening to the greatest authors in Horror talk, most of them use things that have, or do bother them. They equate that if it gives them chills when writing it, more than likely it will have the same affect on a certain number of readers.
If you take that into consideration when writing your next masterpiece using known fears from your own background or others. There is no doubt that your audience will find issues in your writing that they cannot walk away from unscathed.
Horror is about emotion, strong emotion, and it is our job when writing it, to delve into the subconscious of the reader, and pull that emotion out where they can fully see it.
That being the crux of it, where ever we can find fear, we can find a great horror story. Keep up the search, and tell the world your next great Horror story. Even if it is only about that first job interviewer or date, that happened to be a murderer.
Good luck and good writing.
In the comments below show us a sample of what makes your horror special. You never know

who may need to publish some of your work.

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