Friday, a new YouTube show called The Creative’s Cauldron will make its debut on the Seventh Star Press YouTube channel. I will be co-hosting it with Holly Marie Phillippe, and we are both excited about the show and everything it is about.

Frankly, it will be a candid look into our crazy lives as independent creatives, working in the many areas of the independent creatives’ world. It is going to be a very real reflection of what our days and weeks are like; running a small press, developing a TV show, running an annual convention about creative writing, blogging, podcasting, doing events, and much more.

It will not be glamorous or sugar-coated. There will be plenty of humor, as humor is a necessity to survive in this unpredictable and often-trying kind of world. We aim to have all kinds of guests as the show goes forward, and are finalizing the best way to do that at the moment.

We want the show to be entertaining and fun to watch, and it will not ask a big time commitment of viewers either as we are aiming to have shows of approximately 15 minutes in length. I have no idea what kind of reception we will have, and it will be interesting to hear the early feedback once we have a few episodes out there.

In essence, this is a show that will be a real behind the scenes look into the lives of indie creatives. I do think all kinds of other indie creatives, from musicians, to artist, to authors, filmmakers, game designers and others will be able to relate very closely to the things that will come across in this show.

While entertaining, I think there will be an an underlying informative quality about the show too. It be rooted in real expectations and experiences, which can be helpful to those setting out on the creative path or those already traveling along it.

During this time I am also returning to co-hosting The Star Chamber Show podcast, which will be expanding its range of guests and areas of coverage, in addition to having more co-hosts for the weekly format. The dynamics of a visual show like The Creative’s Cauldron and an audio show like The Star Chamber are different in nature, and each involve different approaches to engage and keep the attention of the respective viewer or listener. I am looking forward to sharpening my own skills as a podcast host and as a visual media host, in order to bring our audiences the best shows possible.

There is plenty of material to draw from for both shows, as every day along involves a wide range of activities, interactions, and developments. There are so many high’s and low’s, challenges, struggles, and milestones, that a wide range of types of experiences can be shared with the viewers and listeners.  That’s a great thing, as it means that every show will have distinct and relevant content.

Ultimately, the audience will determine whether a show is entertaining or contains value, but I would not invest a lot of time and effort into something if I didn’t think it had good value to offer.  In the case of both The Creative’s Cauldron and The Star Chamber Show, I am confident that they do.

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  1. Living the life of a creative is not easy but to have a ultimate goal of doing what you love is what we all strive for. We will give a glimpse into our lives and answer your questions regarding our world. Hope you all enjoy!

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